Time of Preparation

Time of Preparation should never be overlooked

Many have faced troubles, trials, and tribulations in the year of 2016 but have continued to keep one foot before the other in moving forward.  Letting go of the past takes you to a whole new level in the Lord God.

Never short change times of preparation.  It will most certainly shift you into destiny and that of a higher dimension.

Being One

God is bringing together men and women in a new move in the apostolic.  Despite the many false Prophets who are parading themselves saying “what thus says the Lord and prophelying in the name of the Lord, true people of God are discerning by the Holy Spirit the difference between flesh and spirit.  Please know this one thing that God has true Prophets and the Prophetic can not be destroyed or shut down.  Today’s men and women are being refined in the fire and being proved in order that God’s light can shine great and bright in the midst of a dark world.  The day is coming when the Lord shall say to every liar and deceiver “Depart from me, I never knew you.”  Do not be deceived!  Those who are not appointed by God are imitating those who are true and are leading masses of people astray.  These are those who spread toxins and poisons throughout the Body of Christ.

God is calling forth His Apostles and Prophets in this time and season.  Take your place Apostles!  Take your place Prophets!  Get up on the wall and keep a watchful eye over the Bride of Christ.  The year of 2017 will bring forth and birth out true apostles and prophets who shall come together as one and show forth the mighty hand of God and reveal just who He really is.

For too long, several of God’s anointed vessels have been in hiding.  God has hidden many of you in His Secret place.  Many have been in the School of Apostles and Prophets and you had not been released to go out.  But fear not!  The Lord is with you and for you.  Stay and remain faithful says the Lord.  Never despise small beginnings and your times of quietness.  Use this time of being in the presence of God, reading, studying His Word, fasting and tuning your ears to hear His voice and not that of another.

No Man is an Island

As leaders, it is time to pull together acknowledging that there is strength in numbers and where there is unity there is a strength.  There are many new leaders budding and when we walk together, we all will rise to higher heights and deeper depths together.  We all need each other.  The apostle needs the prophet.  The Prophet needs the Evangelist.  The Evangelist needs the Pastor.  The Pastor needs the Teacher.  The Teacher needs the lay members.  And we all need the Lord Jesus Christ.  Together we stand, divided we fall.  We must come together for protection through the power of prayer and unity.  This builds a strong wall making us a force to be reckoned with.

Fresh Wind!  Fresh Fire!  Says the Lord.God is truly up to something good.

Arise to a new level of God’s anointing!  Receive the Glory of God.  Get past the past.  Arise to the time of new.  Expect to be challenged.  Prepare for a new level of warfare.  Allow the fresh oil to flow in this New Year and walk into a greater level in Christ.

God is truly up to something good.

  1. Are you one who have been considering studying the Word in a deeper way?
  2. Are you a minister of the Gospel in need of higher education, credentials, and/or ministry covering?
  3. Are you looking for answers specific to your particular call as an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, or Teacher?

If you answered yes to any one of those 3 questions, then visit our website today to learn how we may assist you in your quest for greater spiritual growth through God’s Word. Visit us today at KOG Bible College and Seminary



About RB Ministries

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in Reidsville, NC. A wife, proud mother, pastor, writer, author, life coach, teacher, and entrepreneur. I hold a Bachelors of Theology degree, a Master of Divinity, and an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree. Over the past 35 years, I have served in various offices in Christian ministry. I am the founder of John 316 Publishing, Senior Pastor/Teacher of Kingdom of God Fellowship Church, formerly known as Love In Abundance Church, a church without walls since 2010, covering men and women globally. Executive of The Refuge Enrichment Community Center, a 501c3 Community Development Corporation, Founder, and Director of RB Ministries, a mentoring and coaching organization internationally. The owner, of WBC Credit Repair Company, helping individuals and entrepreneurs to make "Wise Choices", under the corporate umbrella of Wise Business Choices, Inc. We are a business consulting agency for new startups in secular business and new church plants. I have spoken at several women’s conferences including Women’s Aglow Fellowship (formally known as Aglow International) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have traveled nationally and internationally, living in the Republic of South Africa for two (2) years. While in the Province of Natal I served as a Home Care Pastor and Superintendent of the Sunday School Department for a local church. I am a writer and author with my newest books being a series on "Purpose and Destiny", along with “The Apostolic Ministers Manual". This is not geared at any particular denomination but is used as a handbook for all. It is over 500 pages in depth and covers the protocol for most programs, including several Jewish ceremonies. The mission and mandate are to educate men and women on their purpose in life, recognizing the gifts, callings, and talents that are within them.
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